September 12

Launch of System Trader Success

We are very pleased to launch System Trader Success, the world’s leading in-Box newsletter dedicated to the fascinating world of automated trading.

Here we empower traders with the best ideas in algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis. We provide practical ideas to assist traders in developing automated systems to trade stocks, ETFs and futures.

Free Automated Trading Weekly Newsletter

This free service will deliver weekly trading tips, ideas and market studies directly to your e-mail inbox. Each issue is delivered Monday morning (Central) and will bring to you the industries best ideas on system development, system testing and down-right killer tips on developing profitable trading systems. We will be discussing what works and more importantly, what does not work. You can expect to find book reviews, interviews with professional system developers and sample code that you can put to use in your own trading.

Our Goal

Our goal is to share ideas and help others in their journey to success. We encourage you to sign-up for our free newsletter. It’s the most convenient way we can send you our latest information. Each issue will take no more than 10-minutes of your time to read, but each message will contain a powerful specific idea that you can implement in your trading.

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