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Automated Trading Systems

In today’s world of high frequency trading, unpredictable looming financial crises, and global integration across all major markets, today’s trading environment is very challenging particularly for the retail trader. At Capital Evolution we focus on fully automated quantitative models to generate returns. It is our opinion that quantitative models executed by an automated program can help remove the emotion from trading and ensure precise execution of a trading plan.

Founded in 2009 as a private trading firm specializing in short-term automated trading, Capital Evolution has evolved in recent years. In 2010 we began to offer a select number of our custom algorithmic trading systems to the public. In 2011 we began publishing a free weekly in-Box magazine called System Trader Success. This in-Box magazine is dedicated to all aspects of automated trading. We are devoted to ongoing research and development of new ideas and tools to extract returns form today’s unique market envoronment.

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System Trader Success

We publish System Trader Success, the world’s leading in-Box newsletter dedicated to the fascinating world of automated trading. Here we empower traders with the best ideas in algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis. We provide practical ideas to assist traders in developing automated systems to trade stocks, ETFs and futures.

This is a free service which will deliver weekly trading tips, ideas and market studies directly to your e-mail inbox. Each issue is delivered Monday morning (Central) and often contains EasyLanguage code examples.

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